Backup Your Home with Solar Batteries to Ride Out Storm Season

If you live in the Sunshine State, you know about storm season. And you might be thinking that high winds and rain aren’t compatible with rooftop solar panels. They’ll fly away! But the truth is that rooftop solar and hurricane season is a great match.

Key Benefits of Solar During Storm Season
We all know the moment when the lights go out during a storm, and you have no idea how long they’ll be out for, and calling the electric company is futile. You’re just stuck with estimated restoration times and hoping everything in your refrigerator doesn’t go rancid.

If you have rooftop solar in Florida during Hurricane season, your home may be the only one on the block with the lights on. At Sun4, we help with all kinds of solar installations, including backup solar battery storage, which can come in handy when those storm clouds roll in. When a branch falls on a power line, or a transformer explodes, power is cut off to thousands of homes at once. That’s when your home’s solar battery storage would kick in and provide you with the energy your home needs from clean solar that’s been stored over time.

While the chances for wind and rain certainly increase during hurricane season, not every storm is a maximum force event. And even if it were, solar panels generally are built and installed to withstand winds up to 170MPH.

Rain is no problem for solar panels. They’re built from aluminum and glass, so water rolls right off. Rain can even benefit your rooftop solar energy system by cleaning dust and dirt off your panels so they can more optimally collect the sun’s rays and maximize your solar energy output.

Wind Blown Debris
There is the chance that high winds can pick up objects like sticks or branches, but solar panels have proven tougher than these flying objects. Most common debris will deflect easily from the surface of the tilted panels and shouldn’t cause any damage.

If Your Panels Break During a Storm
If you have issues with your panels after a big storm, that can be a key indicator that your solar energy system wasn’t installed properly. It’s essential to have the right installers with experience to get it done right. A good installation won’t just prepare you against any storms that come our way, and it will also help maximize your solar energy output all year long. How your panels are installed affects how well they collect sunlight and how well they stand up to storms.

Go Solar Before the Storms
Storm season is on the way, and that makes NOW the perfect time to start your solar energy installation. With Sun4 solar, your installation will be completed by expert technicians so that the only thing that’s blown away is you—by how much energy and money you’re saving every month.

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