Getting a Quote for Your Home Solar Installation

The first step to going solar and saving energy and money every month is getting a quote for your rooftop solar energy system. Every rooftop solar installation is unique, designed to maximize solar energy generation for your specific location, roof type, and energy needs.

Know Your Numbers
Take a look at your current electric bill and the rate you pay for energy. This average monthly payment is likely going to be lower when you go solar. There are plenty of affordable financing options that can reduce what you pay for energy from day 1. And while traditional electric utility company rates have been steadily rising, what you pay monthly won’t change. And when you’re done paying, your energy costs are eliminated completely.

Seek Out Experienced Installers
Sun4 is the right partner for you if you’re looking for a one-stop shop of experienced technicians and engineers to get it done for you. Our in-house engineering team gets quick permit approvals, our installs come with a 25-year warranty, and we help you get started with net-metering, so you can earn money with your rooftop. Experience is important because this is your home, and an investment in your energy future.

Get a Quote
A Sun4 representative will come to your home or business for an in-site evaluation. With 10 years of experience, our team will assess your position towards the sun, your roof condition and available space, and get details from you on your energy needs—current and future. Consider how your energy use may change over the next few decades, and any battery storage you may need for backup or to be off the grid completely.

Your quote will include the installation and equipment. Solar panels, your inverter, solar batteries. You will be able to see the overall cost of the system and your expected output, which will align with your needs as discussed with our team. Every customer and every installation is unique, designed to maximize your savings.

Design Your Way to Savings
The right solar energy design will go a long way to maximizing your energy generation, and that’s money you’re saving or even making. With net metering, if you maintain your connection to the electric company, you’ll be able to sell your excess energy back to the grid in exchange for credits on your bill. This can further reduce the overall monthly cost of your solar energy system.

Installation Day
From quote to completion, our average project cycle is four months or less. The day of the install, our team will take you through the process as it is happening. Once your panels and equipment is installed, you can start collecting clean, affordable energy from our very own sun.

Start Saving Today
Get a quote and see how much you could save with Sun4 rooftop solar energy systems! In the Sunshine State, there’s no better time than now to start the process

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