Maximize Your Solar Output with These Easy Maintenance Tips

Solar energy systems generate clean energy from our Florida sun—but what happens when those solar panels get dirty? Or palm trees or buildings begin to obstruct your view? Along with some easy regular maintenance and a few quick tips, you can make your rooftop solar energy system go the distance and live at least as long as the 25-year warranty.

Clean Energy Loves Clean Solar Panels
Your solar panels work by absorbing light from the sun—and when your panels are covered in dirt, they can’t do this as effectively as if they were clean. It could be dirt, or fallen leaves, and even animal dropping, that cause a drop in productivity for your system. Having your panels cleaned once or twice a year can keep them working optimally and extend their life.

Clear a Path for Savings
Florida is filled with all kinds of trees known for standing tall. Sometimes, too tall! Keeping trees near your panels trimmed will reduce the shadows cast on your panels, reducing the amount of solar energy they can gather. Keep an eye on growth over time, and trim back trees to keep things clear. When your panels don’t have to work as hard to gather energy, they last longer and can produce more energy.

Fend Off Creatures of the Night
We have a lot of interesting critters in Florida, and one way you can protect your panels and system from these neighbors, are critter guards. Cats, opossums, rodents, squirrels, and lizards could damage your panels and your investment.

Yearly Inverter Checkups
At the heart of your system is your inverter. It converts the solar energy from the panels into energy your home can use. Having an inspection once a year can make sure it’s working well and can prevent issues down the line that may impact your service. There can also be a buildup of dust and dirt that should be removed to keep the inverter in top shape. Arrange to have your filters and fans cleaned regularly to keep them running smooth longer.

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