Solar Energy Systems That Pay for Themselves

A lot of people have the misconception that going solar is expensive, but with affordable financing options you could see a return on your investment from the first day your system powers on. With affordable financing options, your monthly energy bill is typically lower than your current utility bill, and beyond that, when your financing is paid off, your bill is nearly eliminated. Plus, your bill will never go up or down, unlike the rising cost of traditional energy.

Here are three key factors that can affect how soon your solar energy system pays for itself, and when you’ll see that return on investment.

  1. Check your current electric bill and note the rate. The rate you pay for energy now and your current electric bill is a good place to start when trying to figure out how long it will take you to see a return on your rooftop solar panel system. Make note of your monthly average bill, and the rate you pay for energy. When you go solar, less (or none) of your energy will come from your utility provider, since your rooftop is making clean affordable solar energy your home can use right away. You start saving energy and money on day 1 of your system being up and running.
  2. Making your investment count with the right installer. The right partner will use the best materials for your needs and your budget and can majorly affect the quality of your install. It can even have an effect on how well your panels generate solar energy, and how efficient they are at converting the sun’s energy for your needs. With the expert engineers at Sun4, your installation will be customized to your unique home, environment and needs. We stand behind our materials and our installations with a 25-year warranty.
  3. Going solar can raise your property values. More than ever, renewable energy features for homebuyers are becoming a priority. Buyers are prioritizing green, energy-efficient home solutions, and having a solar energy system already installed on your roof may increase your selling power and boost your property value.

Is Solar Worth It for You?
Get a quote with Sun4 and see how you can be on your way to saving with solar. We will help you evaluate your options and design a custom solar installation that can meet your needs and your budget.

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