Solar Panels: Expectations vs Reality

can the system withstand the electric discharge and if not, do you have batteries. The last question you must answer is, do you have the right insurance.

If you live in Florida, I have good news for you. The state has taken precautions and all solar systems must withstand winds greater than 160 mph. It only remains to make sure they are no big trees near your house, or the equipment that can cause physical damage during a storm.
In recent years, these systems have been put to the test in both Puerto Rico and New Jersey. Solar panel systems have proven to be resilient and allow any area affected by strong hurricanes to quickly return to normal. We all want to continue living our lives quietly. Solar panels give you security you need to maintain our peace of mind.

Most of the damages that can occur in a hurricane to your solar equipment are mainly cause by physical damages due to the solar equipment being hit hard, or damage to the micro inverter system caused by overloads in the system.

To avoid this type of situation, ask your installer to be extra-careful when mounting the equipment and be prepared to avoid this type of discharge, that is, everything is well insulated.
Most solar power systems in the United States have been tested by NREL and EERE conduct tests and monitor quality standards. There are also groups like PVQAT, whose mission is to ensure that solar panel technology is accessible and cost efficient for all Americans. It is PVQAT which sets the quality standard.

Storms and Batteries

In many states, your house is obligatory connected to the grid, so is a storm hits, you will be without electricity, even do, your solar panels still fully functional. What options do you have, the answer is simple, solar batteries? Yes, they are expensive, but your lifestyle will not be interrupted. Your family and you will be secure and happy knowing, no matter the storm, they will have electricity. Solar batteries will allow your house to continue accumulating energy and have the necessary reserves to continue as if nothing was happening.

Yes, this increases the investment, but the peace of mind and security is worth the investment. Additionally, there are flexible options for financing, which makes this a viable option. Happiness and security are part of the American way, have the liberty and freedom to ready for anything

Security under the Storm

Be ready for the storm, do not wait. Contact us, we will help you. Today is the day to prepare your house. We have all the solution you need for your security.

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