We’re coming up on peak energy use season—the summer. Because when it’s hot outside, everything in your home has to work that much harder. Your A/C is fighting harder to keep you cool. Your pool pump is running longer and harder. Your family is home more, and they never turn off the lights when they leave a room. Here are some tips to save energy and money as temperatures rise, so you can lower your energy bill or even eliminate it with rooftop solar.

Here are five ways you can keep your bill low during the summer and for years to come.

1.Keep cool air in
Check your windows and doors for leaky spots where your air conditioning can escape and hot air can come in. Add weatherstripping where needed to seal your home from the outside air. This can help your air conditioner keep you cool more quickly and efficiently.

2.Mind the thermostat
Cooling costs are a significant driver of energy bills, so keeping the difference between the outdoor air and the indoor air temperatures saves you the most on your energy bill. For every degree you raise your thermostat, you can save 5% on your cooling costs alone!

3.Automate your energy use
For outdoor lighting or even inside your home, timers can help those forgetful family members when they forget to turn off a light. These can be motion-activated, turning on when someone enters the room or set on a timer, ready to turn off and go to bed when you go to bed, or to light your way in the middle of the night.

4.Switch to energy-efficient appliances
If you're in the market for a new major appliance, look for Energy Star-rated options that can automatically help you use less energy. Look for older appliances in your home that could use an upgrade, and switch them out for more energy-efficient options to save energy and money without even thinking about it.

5.Go solar!
The most significant way to offset your energy bill is by going solar. With rooftop solar, the energy you need is generated right above your head with clean, renewable rays from our sun. There is solar for all budgets and types of homes, and you can have a solar energy system designed for your unique needs at a price that's likely less than you pay for energy each month with your electric utility.

Sun4 can help you install the solar energy system that's right for you and your budget. And if you set yourself up for success by following energy-saving tips like these, you're sure to see your electric bill go down, down, down just like your carbon footprint and soon, you'll be helping the planet and your wallet.